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Collaborative Impact Learning Academy (CILA) 


All the Lessons, Tools and Templates you need to create learning for results and impact!


Do you need to design and deliver some type of learning or training? 


Is this learning activity intended to solve a problem and/or positively impact the lives of others?


If so, then this course may be perfect for you!  Learn the basic skills necessary to design, organize, and deliver highly effective training and learning content—using methods that take into account learner needs, goals, and evaluation practices. You will get the most important tips, best practices and tools that expert trainers use. 

From this course you will gain:

  • Alignment between goals of your training and the personal and organizational outcomes you hope to achieve
  • Tools to break down all your ideas into the ‘right’ amount of manageable bites
  • Confidence your presentations and slides are engaging for learners
  • A learning design action plan customized for you to develop future learning activities
  • Templates you can download and keep to quickly design future learning and supportive learning tools
  • Energy, inspiration and enthusiasm from an ICF-trained coach that can support you in designing your learning initiative for results
  • Confidence that your course and learning activities have incorporated good instructional design used by experts and learning professionals

When you enroll in the course you will have five weeks of valuable lessons along with the tools necessary to implement what you learn and the support to do it.


The Course Includes:

  • Online video lessons 
  • Worksheets to complete
  • Templates and additional resources to keep for future use
  • Up to 6 Consult / Coaching Sessions focused on your specific project


Learning Design Lessons:

Module 1 - The 5 Pillars of Integrated Learning

Module 2 - Engaging Others

Module 3 - Plan Total Learning Package

Module 4 - Create and Deliver the Training

Module 5 - Activate Post-Learning Supports

Module 6 - Evaluate Training and Improve


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About Traci

  • Strategist & Founder of Social Motion, a training, coaching and consulting and learning design company that energizes civic, policy and community-based solutions and supports leaders that drive them. 
  • Traci has been designing learning experiences for over 20 years and specializes in developing learning for government, health care, K12 education, community organizations and nonprofits.  
  • Earned BA in Social Work and Masters Degree in Public Affairs 
  • Helps YOU, the helper by offering customized coaching, consulting, training and various tools to busy leaders working in: education, health care, social services, government, corporate giving and the non-profit sector to have a greater impact in your professional and personal lives.
  • Citizen, Learner, Social and Civic Innovator, Catalyst, Rebel, Policy Entrepreneur, Synthesizer, Travel Enthusiast
  • ICF trained coach to support YOU! 

“Traci’s learning activities got our organization focused by taking  individual actions on our team’s plan. Her holistic approach to learning supported us as we set and met some big organizational goals.” 

Collective Impact Learning Academy (CILA)

You will get full access to the following:

  • 6 Short, Actionable Modules delivered over 6 weeks
  • 4 One-On-One Coaching Sessions to Support Your Learning Design
  • Community Support
  • Templates and Resources you can Download and Keep for the Future
  • BONUS - Instructional Design Hacks Used by Learning Pros
  • BONUS - How to Effectively Use Humor in Learning
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All The Tools You Need To Build A Collaborative Learning that gets Results!

This course provides an opportunity to engage with experts and facilitators in the area of Learning Design, whom will guide and support the teams in the implementation of integrated learning focused on key themes:  

  • Student journey
  • Learning Design
  • Evaluation and assessment and
  • Quality and evaluation of learning