About Traci 

With over 25 years of experience serving individuals, groups and communities around the world, Traci Warnberg-Lemm is the founder and owner of Social Motion. 

Traci is passionate about collaboration, learning, leadership and systemic change. This commitment led Traci to start Social Motion over 15 years ago to energize civic and community initiatives and those that power them. We bring coaching, consulting, training and resources to individuals and teams working in these industries:

  • education
  • health care
  • social services
  • government
  • corporate giving / community engagement
  • non-profits

Traci brings knowledge and skills in: program administration, strategic planning, resource and organizational development, training and learning, community organizing, small and large group facilitation, government and community relations, collaboration, social entrepreneurship, leadership development and coalition building. 

Traci and her team want you to have greater impact in your professional and personal lives so you can have greater impact in our communities and the world.  

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We are based in Minnesota!

Social Motion is based in St. Paul. The word Minnesota is derived from the Dakota phrase Mni Sota Makoce which means ‘Land Where the Waters Reflect the Clouds’.  (Come visit us and see for yourself how true this is!)

This photo is one of my favorite lakes near my hometown! 

With humility and respect, Social Motion acknowledges that we work on land that continues to hold great historical, spiritual, and personal significance for its original stewards, the Dakota and Ojibwe people. To hear voices and stories from Dakota and Ojibwe people, I highly recommend starting your journey here: Native Nations Stories / MN Humanities

Equity and Social Motion

Social Motion is committed to inclusion, diversity and believes that no one should be discriminated against because of their age, race, physical ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation. Social Motion believes government laws, regulations and business practices should recognize, support and uphold equity principles and practices.

Social Motion understands and accepts that European Americans racialized as white can’t fully understand the burden and trauma of racism or the lifelong impact of systemic racism on communities of culture. The work and weight of dismantling racist structures and systems should not fall on the shoulders of those who are Black, Indigenous or People of Color/Culture. To best honor our organization’s values, address equity, and support culturally-responsive services, Social Motion consistently partners with / subcontracts with a variety of equity experts to co-lead and support project work. Social Motion is not doing this work perfectly, but is committed to partnering with others, showing up, doing the work, continually learning and improving.

We offer customized coaching, training and learning design services.

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We are excited to learn more about your work and your social impact projects!

Social Motion Helps:

  1. BUILD capacities for individuals, organizations and communities to strategically solve complex challenges…TOGETHER

  2. REIGNITE leadership sparks and moxie to support joy

  3. TEACH organizations how to learn faster, better and transform… TOGETHER

  4. FACILITATE and COACH teams, groups and collaboratives

  5. CREATE SPACE and SUPPORT busy individuals to move forward on personal & professional goals

  6. BUILD communities … of leaders building leaders

  7. ENERGIZE, provide support and expertise for initiatives and projects

  8. SPREAD IDEAS AND TOOLS to help make and systemic and culture change efforts easier

  9. BUILD ECOSYSTEMS for social and civic innovation 

  10. SUPPORT government in providing community-based solutions to public policy challenges

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