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Turn Your Passion Into Social Impact and Revenue? 


This course is a 5-lesson, step-by-step, video-based curriculum that will give you clarity, direction and momentum to turn your passion into social impact and revenue. 

When you enroll in the course you will have five weeks of valuable lessons along with the tools necessary to implement what you learn and the support to do it.

Every week you will get:

  • Online video lessons 
  • Worksheets to complete
  • Templates and additional resources
  • LIVE virtual office hours with your course creators (Stephanie and Traci)

Weekly Topics:

Week 1 - Clarifying Your Why / Vision / Purpose / Mission: Review and clarify your values, skills, vision, purpose, mission, and your ‘why.’  Then align these with the social impact you want to have.

Week 2 - Develop Your Social / Business Concept: Explore how to take the self-discovery from Week 1 and learn about different options to monetize it and how to have a social impact.   An emphasis will be on starting lean with a minimal viable product or service.

Week 3 - Strategies for Marketing and Partnerships: Develop key strategies to market your product / services as well as develop strategic partnerships.  You will also have templates to easily create key talking points and key messages to give you confidence talking about your social impact ideas / plans.

Week 4 - Setting Habits  and the Right Mindset: Understand the importance of habits, mindset, time management and other key strategies to set yourself up for success. 

Week 5 - Creating your Customized Action Plan: Bring everything together and create a customized action plan that fits your like so you can turn your passion into impact and revenue!