#90: Using a Social Enterprise Model to Support Indigenous Communities and Fair Trade

Jun 03, 2021

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”
— Nicole Snow

How can a social enterprise support indigenous communities and use the principles of fair trade?  In this episode, we talk with Ana Lázaro about her experience leaving the corporate world to have a deeper impact.  Ana launched Ekiitaya, a social enterprise that utilizes her business skills and supports an indiginous community close to her.  She shares her inspiring story of growing up in a rich culture in Colombia and how it led her to launch her social enterprise.  As we talk with Ana you will:

  • Hear the story of how Ana grew up with a rich sense of community and deep connections in La Guajira, Colombia. 

  • Learn how Ana launched Ekiitaya - a company that designs, develops and creates mochilas (hand bags and purses) hand in hand with indigenous communities.

  • Understand the ways Ekiitaya supports and promotes the know-how and traditions of artisans in indigenous communities in Colombia through products

  • Hear how Ana gives back a portion of the profits to a foundation to further support the artisan community and the education of youth

  • Hear Ana describe the impact and importance of effectively ‘telling the story’ of her social enterprise

  • Learn Ana’s 3 big lessons in launching a social enterprise, Ekiitaya, during the past year 

More about Ana Lázaro and Ekiitaya:

Ana Lázaro was born and raised in La Guajira, Colombia.  Growing up along the Caribbean Sea surrounded by the influence of indigenous people and their cosmovision, made her realize we need to care for our world and take everyday actions that help us to care for it. However, that sense only grew to become a social business after she came back from China where she lived for 9 years.  After leaving China, she decided to turn a traditional product into a piece of fashion. That’s how Ekiitaya was born.  

Ekiitaya Website 

Ekiitaya on Instagram

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