#72: Converging for Change: Democratization of Energy Markets

Jan 28, 2021

Are you curious about how you can better engage and support clean energy efforts in our communities? What is the democratization of energy and what does that mean for everyday citizens?  What innovations are having an impact on the energy industry? Today, our guest is Nina Axelson, the vice president of sustainability and outreach for Ever-Green Energy overseeing sustainability objectives and performance, government affairs, community relations, and communications. In our conversation we:

  • Hear Nina describe how the role of a single champion can have a transformational impact on environmental efforts and initiatives 

  • Learn about the ‘democratization of energy’ and what it means for consumers and citizens as environmental products and services are becoming more available 

  • Understand how the convergence of public policies and infrastructure, private markets and civic community-based organizations are driving change in the energy industry

  • Learn about the innovations happening in the energy sector and the challenges to deploying and scaling those innovations

  • Understand the challenges that exist in pivoting old infrastructure to new systems and what is being done to make that happen

  • Hear about current trends and where energy experts believe we are heading in the next 10-20 years 

  • Listen to Nina’s 5 suggestions for that you can do keep positive environmental change moving forward

More about Nina:

Nina Axelson is the vice-president of sustainability and outreach for Ever-Green Energy. Axelson has oversight for sustainability objectives and performance, government affairs, community relations, and communications, launching the company’s corporate social responsibility platform in 2019. Axelson has served as project manager and lead author for technical studies and master plans, including the nation’s largest solar thermal array and recently completed aquifer thermal energy storage analyses. She has led technical studies for the Department of Energy and International Energy Association. Axelson currently serves on the board of directors for the International District Energy Association and Clean Energy Economy Minnesota.

In this episode:

Clean Energy Economy Minnesota

Ever-Green Energy

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