#83: 4 Simple Steps to Begin Having an Impact While Making Money

Apr 15, 2021

“The best way to have social impact and generate revenue, is to strategize, collaborate, break some rules, and operationalize your passion.”

— Stephanie Malon-Rufi + Traci Warnberg-Lemm

Have you wondered how you can create social change and make money? Can you really do both?  The corporate world of making money and the nonprofit, charity and government world of social change are coming together in unique ways. There is a lot of room for creativity in the emerging social business and social enterprise field. On today’s episode, Stephanie and Traci discuss four first steps you can take to do this.  In our conversation we discuss:

  • Learn about some of the current options and paths open for social enterprise and social business models and the role pricing plays in them

  • Understand how the nonprofit model can also be a revenue generating model

  • Hear common types of social business / social enterprise models that people launch and examples of each:

    • Opportunity Employment: Organizations that employ people who have significant barriers to mainstream employment.

    • Transformative Products or Services: organizations that create social or environmental impact through innovative products and services.

    • Donate Back: businesses that contribute a portion of their profits (or even 100%) to nonprofits that address basic unmet needs.  Or it can be donating a product such as the one-for-one model. 

  • Learn about the 4 ways to get started including: 

    • Learn what others have done / get inspired 

    • Give some thought to your ‘why’ or your vision 

    • Share Your ideas with others 

    • Get support 

  • Hear about the Turn Your Passion Into Impact Course if you are ready to take the next steps


In this episode we reference:

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