#88: Building a Triple Bottom Line Business

May 20, 2021

“If you want something done, give it to someone who is busy.”

Can a cleaning company create social change?  It sure can!  Does being a values-driven, social enterprise increase customer sales and loyalty?  Yes, it does!  Can a business both improve lives and benefit our planet?  You better believe it!  This episode shares an inspiring story of how a residential cleaning business transformed into being a social enterprise that addresses systemic issues for domestic workers in the U.S. and the greenwashing of the cleaning industry.  As we talk with Anna Tsantir of Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company, you will:

  • Hear the story of how the business began and how it quickly shifted to address inequalities in the cleaning industry.

  • Understand the ways Two Bettys is a triple bottom line business and the advantages of this model.

  • Discover the ways in which the company engages with  issues associated with domestic workers in the U.S. both in its employment practices, advocacy and social justice work.

  • Hear about how the company addresses the greenwashing of cleaning supplies and how Two Bettys is leading the way in using and developing non-toxic cleaning supplies and implementing zero waste practices.

  • Learn about the challenging times and dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic, how loyal customers stuck with the company and the way that the business is building back stronger.

  • Listen to Anna’s reflection about the lessons she has learned over the years of building this triple bottom line business.

  • Be challenged to think about the layers of social impact you can bring to your operations!

More about Anna Tsantir and Two Bettys

Anna Tsantir is a business owner and mother of two. In 2007 Anna hung up her teaching and arts non-profit hats when she and her former business partner founded Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company by combining the things she believes in – art, social/eco justice, and supporting the community she lives and works in. Two Bettys disrupts business as usual by paying a living wage with benefits, not polluting and making a profit.  

Two Bettys website

TwoBettys on Instagram

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