#92: Collaborating to Promote Equity and Transform Healthcare

Jun 17, 2021

“Until the Lion tells its tale, the Hunter will always be glorified.”
— Zimbabwean Proverb

How can a social enterprise address health disparities and support healthcare transformation?  In this episode, we talk with Ivelyse Andino, owner of Radical Health, the first Latina-owned-and-operated Benefit Corp in New York City.  Radical Health is a social enterprise that facilitates healthcare fluency, promotes self-advocacy, and forges collaborative conversations and relationships with cutting-edge healthcare technology.  Radical Health aims to ‘come alongside’ and partner with historically marginalized communities to transform healthcare.  In our conversation with Ivelyse, you will:

  • Hear Ivelyse’s personal experiences with healthcare systems and the impact she sees when communities come together to learn from one another

  • Understand Ivelyse’s perspective on the importance of individuals knowing how to navigate healthcare systems and building trust with those systems

  • Learn what health care fluency is and why it is important in addressing health disparities and transforming health care

  • Understand to the 4 steps to health care fluency

  • Learn about the work Radical Health is doing in New York City and the plans to intentionally and collaboratively expand, scale and grow

  • Hear Ivelyse describe how social change leaders can be ‘early and not wrong’ as well as other advice 

More about Ivalese Andino 

Ivelyse Andino is an award-winning, Afro-Latina, health equity innovator born and raised in the Bronx. She is a Roddenberry Fellow, as well as the founder and CEO of Radical Health and a Commissioner on the NYC Commission on Gender Equity. In founding Radical Health — the first Latina-owned-and-operated Benefit Corp in NYC — she combined her expertise in healthcare and her passion as a community organizer. Coming from an historically-marginalized community herself, Ivelyse initially built Radical Health around her kitchen table and hearing first-hand from voices who are otherwise never given a say in their own healthcare destiny. Through Radical Health, Ivelyse is transforming healthcare by facilitating healthcare fluency and self-advocacy, as well as forging a relationship between meaningful face-to-face conversations with cutting-edge technology.

Radical Health

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