#96: A Mid-Year Check-in With Your Social Enterprise

Jul 15, 2021

“Keep Moving Forward”

Do you regularly check-in with your social enterprise?  Or do you typically get to the final month of the year and then wonder what those goals are that you wanted to achieve?  Mid-year is the perfect time to do a check-in.  It is a good  time to reflect on your work, determine your plan for the rest of the year and hopefully get re-energized.

 On today’s episode we: 

  • Review the social enterprise check-up; a 6-part framework to increase the sustainability of your social enterprise

  • Discuss what a mid-year check-in is and why it is important

  • Hear key questions to ask yourself when doing this check-in

  • Learn about who should be involved in this process and why

  • Get some tips about how to do this check-in most effectively

In this episode, we reference: 

More about Stephanie Malon-Rufi

Stephanie works with visionary founders who have created a valuable purpose to their work.  Entrepreneurs who have a social mission at the heart of what they do but also need to have a sustainable business model. She helps them  move past feeling overwhelmed or stuck.  Together, she helps social entrepreneurs  make sure they:

  • have a sound foundation

  • are poised for the growth you want

  • develop the roadmap to get there

Her services are designed to help you move forward with making a difference – making an impact. To help you go from feeling stuck to energized while getting crystal clear on what steps to take next.  The work is real – it is genuine.

Stephanie created this 6-part framework based on her personal knowledge and experience having been involved with start-ups as well as operating social enterprises for years.  She also works with many social entrepreneurs  (especially over the past year when COVID hit) and was able to see what was most helpful for those leaders to pivot and remain sustainable.

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