#99: Aligning for Healthier Work Environments: A conversation with Tristian Williams, Founder Boomloop Group

Aug 04, 2021

“Victorious warriors, win first, and then go to war, while defeated warriors, go to war first, and then seek to win.”
— Sun Tzu

What should social change leaders know about organizational alignment and organizational health? In this episode, we talk with Tristian Williams, an organizational leadership strategist and the founder of Boomloop Group.  Tristan is also the author of Fruition Power, a book about how to achieve more, lead well and conquer overwhelm. We talk about the importance of one’s work and alignment with their personal mission and purpose, and how organizational alignment is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business.   In this episode we: 

  • Hear about Tristian’s background growing up with little means and how that forced him to get creative and start his first business when he was 14

  • Learn about the path that Tristian took with his education and early career and how he left a lucrative law firm job because the work was not in line with his purpose

  • Understand how when you are out of alignment with the work you are doing it can affect both your physical and mental state

  • Hear how Tristian thinks businesses need to approach reentry into physical work spaces from virtual ones 

  • Learn the meaning behind the company name Boomloop and the three pillars of organizational health

  • Listen to Tristian’s opinion of businesses embracing social change and taking a stand on certain issues

  • Learn about Boomloop’s organizational assessment and hear how you can get 25% off of it for your own business or organization


More About Tristian Williams

Tristian Williams is an organizational leadership strategist. After spending nearly a decade leading multi-generational marketing and sales teams and training on the topics of peak-performance and leadership, he founded Boomloop Group to help leaders grow healthy organizations that support employee retention and revenue growth. Tristian is the author of Fruition Power: How to Achieve More, Lead Well, and Conquer Overwhelm.

Visit Boomloop Group HERE

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