Being Grateful Because of 2020

Nov 19, 2020

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Be grateful for the hard times too.  They have opened your eyes to the things you weren’t paying attention to. 

- Anonymous

Has it felt hard to be grateful in 2020?  As you end the year are you thinking about all the things that did not  happen because of 2020?  Today we want to challenge you to think about 2020 differently.  Gratitude is important!  We want to share experiences and things in 2020 that we are grateful for - not just despite the pandemic but sometimes BECAUSE of the pandemic.  

In our conversation we:

  • Review and acknowledge the challenges we have experienced individually and collectively in 2020
  • Discuss the reasons why gratitude is important and the benefits it provides including:
    • Emotional benefits 
    • Social benefits
    • Personality benefits 
    • Career benefits 
    • Health benefits 
  • Talk about various ways to practice gratitude in your daily life
  • Highlight what Traci and Stephanie are grateful for because of 2020 and encourage our listeners to do the same

In this episode we reference:

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