Blending Passion with Purpose: A Conversation with Junita Flowers

Oct 15, 2020


Pursuing purpose Is less about skillset and everything about your mindset. Believe bigger

- Junita Flowers


Social change leaders and More information can be found at

Specifically,  in our conversation we:

  • Hear about Junita’s early fascination with entrepreneurship, her passion for baking and her experience being in an abusive relationship all led her to find her purpose in founding Junita’s Jar in 2015.
  • Learn about the social entrepreneurial model Junita followed to launch her mission-driven, retail cookie company that uses food to engage young people in conversations about relationships and domestic / relationship violence. 
  • Discuss how the social impact Junita wants to have has evolved and seeks to 1) remove stigma and shame around relationship violence, 2) educate college students about domestic and relationship violence,  3) inspire college students to take action.
  • Understand how Junita learned to be succinct and more effectively communicate her mission so she can expand her audience and have more impact
  • Listen to Junita discuss some of the people and things that were helpful along the way including the Finnovation Fellowship Program and how it helped her understand and clarity how to make everything work.
  • Learn about the the value Junita found in meeting with women of color who were also growing their business and how this helped her overcome obstacles and build her up.  
  • Hear Junita explain how there is never a perfect time to launch your passion and how clarity comes when you are in motion
  • Learn about Junita’s future plans to continue to expand and grow the business side of the company while replicating and scaling up the impact of her ‘cookies and conversations’ model   

In this episode we reference: 

Junita's Jar

Finnovation Lab

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