Challenging Ourselves to Reconcile Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2020

May we grow back not to what was, but instead toward what we can become. 

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This episode is being released on the third Thursday in November of 2020 which is Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Many of us will be preparing large meals with fewer people around the table due to the increased social distancing practices brought on by the increase in COVID cases. As with many things that have happened in 2020, this holiday is a good time to reconsider and revamp how we understand our history, how we understand our current challenges and how we look at the Thanksgiving holiday.  In our conversation we:

  • Discuss briefly the history of the national Thanksgiving holiday in 1863 under President Abraham Lincoln and the date change under President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Share two articles about the origins of Thanksgiving and reconciling and coming to terms with the history of colonization in the United States
  • Offer 2 questions for social change leaders:
    • How are we educating and challenging ourselves?
    • How are we challenging others in our lives - especially those who may not see it the same way?

In this episode we reference: 

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