Civic Series Part 1: Reflections and Questions

Oct 22, 2020

Good Governance Depends on the Ability to take responsibility by both administrations as well as people. 

 - Narendra Modi

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As we approach the U.S. 2020 elections, where many big elections are occurring in all levels of government (including presidential), it is important to think about the role and responsibilities we have to American democracy.  We are not born being good citizens or participants in democracy. Being an effective member of a democracy must be learned, cultivated and practiced.  And with only 55% of the eligible voting population voting in 2016, we know that there is work to be done in this area.

On today’s episode, Traci will share some of her work in government and civic education and share some key questions to reflect on in the coming weeks and months. In our conversation, we:

  • Hear Traci’s story of serving as an election observer in Sri Lanka in 2001
  • Review some basic definitions including politics and government 
  • Discuss some of the current challenges to American democracy 
  • Consider the value of social innovation and policy entrepreneurship as path to a better and more effective democracy 
  • Present Key Questions we should ask ourselves including:
    • How am I educating and evolving myself to be a better participant in democracy? 
    • How can we support and elect candidates who have integrity and are collaborative? - represent values that we hold 
    • How do we prepare the next generation of informed, engaged participants in our democracy
    • What is our responsibility to to engage in respectful conversations & build bridges with the many people in our lives who actively, passively or unknowingly support the oppression of so many of our friends and loved ones 
  • Highlight the signs of optimism in social innovation and policy entrepreneurship

Mentioned in today’s conversation:

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