Civic Series Part 3: Trusted Healers and the Path to Improving Health

Nov 05, 2020

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How does the U.S. Healthcare System compare to other countries?  Can we really improve care and cut costs at the same time? Who is the best advocate for our own healthcare?  In part 3 of our civic series, we discuss health care policy, health costs and care, leadership and generational social change with Dan Pelino. Dan will walk us through our role as health care consumers, the role of ‘trusted healers’ and elements of the US healthcare system. Please join us to: 

  • Hear about Dan’s background and work in healthcare and wellness
  • Learn about US health care expenditures and quality compared to other nations
  • Understand the key challenges in the US healthcare system and how patient-centered and team-based care can improve care and reduce costs
  • Learn about some of the data that supports the value of having a primary care doctor and a relationships with a care team  
  • Learn about what patient-centered medical homes are and how they can support our individual and collective health and wellness 
  • Hear Dan’s thoughts on leadership and the role of leaders in healthcare reform
  • Understand the actual time it takes for social change to take root and become embedded in our society
  • Be introduced to the concept of a ‘trusted healer’ and consider people you have in your family or social groups that would fall into this category 
  • Be challenged to step forward and be your own best health advocates and healers

In this episode we reference: 

Dan Pelino

Trusted Healers

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