Partnering for Culturally Specific Services

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2020

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.

- Ethiopian Proverb

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Social innovators solving community challenges are recognizing more and more the importance that culture plays in developing solutions.  Are you creating a solution that is culturally competent/responsive?  Or, is it culturally specific?  What is the difference?  In this episode we have a conversation with Angela Reed who will explain the differences.  Angela is the Director of Support Services at Turning Point, a nationally known and Minneapolis-based organization that provides culturally specific chemical health, housing, supporting services and training for the African American community. Angela will talk to us about culturally specific services and ways organizations can partner with culturally specific organizations to be more culturally responsive and competent.  Angela also talks about the use of the Collective Impact Model to better serve their clients and how some of their key partnerships work.  

Specifically,  in our conversation we:

  • Hear Angela explain the difference between culturally competent and culturally specific services and learn how organizations can partner to become more culturally competent.
  • Discuss the Improving Impacting Factors approach that Turning Point takes and how it leads to the Awareness to Action Model that they use.
  • Learn about the nimble approach Turning Point takes to respond to the changing needs of the community it serves. 
  • Understand the collective impact model and how Turning Point implements it.
  • Learn how Angela and Turning Point evaluate potential new partners and train them.
  • FInd out about Turning Point training on culturally-based training for others working with their clients and why it is important.

In this episode we reference: 

Connect with Angela Reed at Turning Point :

Collective Impact Model - link to article:


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