#100: The Role of Social Change Leaders in Setting the Pace

Aug 12, 2021

“Remember to Celebrate Milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”
                             — Nelson Mandela

This is the 100th episode of the Social Change Leaders Podcast!  Thanks to all of our listeners for being part of this journey.  Thanks to all the many social change leaders working in many sectors to make our communities better places where we all can thrive. We wanted to use this 100th episode to share some reflections on what we have learned and some thoughts about the role of social change leaders in ‘setting the pace’ as we move forward. In our conversation, you will hear about:

  • What motivated us to launch this podcast 

  • Some of the podcast guests we have learned from

  • Traci and Stephanie’s perspectives on what trends and practices they see in the area of social change leadership

  • The unique role social change leaders play and how that role is evolving 

  • The growing ecosystem for social enterprises and social entrepreneurs 

  • How collaboration and partnering continue to be essential tasks for social change leaders and the need to keep refining these skills

  • Consumers’ increased desire for business to have clear social impact

  • How learning itself is a tool for social change and how leaders should ensure learners have cultures for learning as well as cohorts and communities for learning

  • The increasing need for transparency in all sectors

  • The need for social change leaders to becoming more skilled at culture and system change 

  • The importance of aligning personal and organizational values to work being done

  • The role of Social Change Leaders in improving individual and collective ‘civic agency’ 

Mentioned in today’s conversation:



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