Wellness + Self Care Series: Finding your body-mind-spirit connection

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

"You can't hate your body into a shape you will love." 

Ijeoma Oluo

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How do you find wellness in your life?  Are you trying to find alignment with your mind, body and spirit?  On today’s episode we offer a fresh perspective to this topic of wellness with our interview with Sarah Turino.  Sarah Turino is CEO of Whole Woman Wellness and creator The Whole Woman Wellness Formula. For nearly 17 years, Sarah has helped smart, successful women take control of their health holistically - body, mind and spirit. Sarah is a Wellness Coach, Holistic Personal Trainer, and RYT 500 Yoga Guide and Mentor. Her specialty is making complex philosophy, physiology and functional fitness approachable and accessible. Prior to creating The Whole Woman Wellness Formula Sarah was in the radio and television industry for nearly 20 years. Sarah is also an author of one book, “The Illusion of Balance” and produces video trainings and virtual wellness programs.

In our conversation:

  • Sarah shares her journey to creating Whole Woman Wellness 
  • She explains the four pillars of the Whole Woman Wellness Formula (Nourish, Movement, Calm and Love) and her layered approach to teaching these elements to those she works with in the program.
  • Hear how Sarah reframes the meaning of wellness away from our culture of diet and exercise and redefines the meaning of fit to not equate to thin
  • Learn what Sarah does each day to practice her own self-care and wellness
  • Sarah shares three tips that social change leaders can practice daily: fresh air, breathing and moving your body.
  • She guides us on a calming exercise that is helpful to use especially when experiencing fear or anxiety
  • Sarah also talks about how she started her current business, the important social components of her work and her recommendation of hiring a business coach
  • If you want to learn more about working with Sarah, she invites our listeners to join her on her 3-day wellness challenge.

Mentioned in today’s conversation:

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