Wellness + Self Care Series: Part 5 - The Joy of Play

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature.

Michael Faraday

More information can be found at www.socialchangeleaders.net

How often do you incorporate play into your life?  Getting into the mindset of play can help you to reduce stress, deepen your connection with others and be a better leader.  On today’s episode, you will hear about how to use our senses and incorporate more play into our lives. Our guests, Nicola Kapala and Katie Strand, are creative partners collaborating on a video project to bring concepts of interplay and connection. Together they lead us through how social change leaders can adapt the mindset of play and the benefits of doing so.

In our conversation:

  • Nicola and Katie each share their own story about how they came to work in the realm of play, senses and intimacy coaching.
  • We understand how play and curiosity can be critical in helping to live through challenging times, build resilience and decrease stress.
  • We define what play is and what it is not and give examples of what play looks like in personal as well as professional settings.
  • Learn how play is used in leadership settings to invite and engage participation, problem-solve and heal, and to promote creativity and productivity
  • Nicola uses her interplay framework to lead us through a 90 second exercise to help us  release energy and frustration and get into the mindset of play.
  • Nicola and Katie share a key question we ask ourselves to easily access a place of play. 
  • We learn how play and intimacy are related and can enhance and deepen our relationships.

Mentioned in today’s conversation:

Nicola Kapala: For the past fifteen years Nicola has been working with teams and individuals at the intersection of integrative health and leadership science.  Using the mediums of water and gravity, play therapy and integrative practices such as shiatsu, yoga and water massage she works from a mind/body approach to help people gain greater vitality and connection to their lives. A self confessed “neuroscience nerd” Nicola blends her background in business development and social sciences to facilitate and guide people to align themselves to their purpose and joy. 

Katie Strand: Katie Strand is an Emmy-Nominated Film Producer and Coach. Her projects have been featured on Rock the Vote with the WNBA, HBO, PBS, NBC, MTV, Fox and over 20 national commercials including Super Bowl commercials and Deadpool 2. A modern-day renaissance woman, Strand also hosted the Catalyst Podcast (Catalyst Festival in Duluth), practices Martial Arts, Aerial Acrobatics, Stand Up Paddleboarding, and dances swing, tango, salsa and Zouk. For the better part of 25 years, Strand has been leaning-in to personal growth and self-actualization, which led her to earn a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Communications/Film, graduating with honors and magna cum laude.


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