Wellness + Self Care Series: Releasing Stress and Anxiety

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2020

“We change the world not by what we say or do, 

but as a consequence of what we have become.” 

- Dr David Hawkins

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On today’s episode we speak with Dr Josh Eha. Dr. Josh has close to 20 years experience helping patients free themselves from physical, mental, and emotional bondage through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Emotional Releasing techniques. Patients demonstrate time and time again the necessity and effectiveness of releasing practices for stress, anxiety and depression that are the root of most modern chronic disease.  Dr. Josh explains his emotional releasing practices to let go of negative emotions from the body.

In our conversation:

  • Dr. Josh Eha discusses his background and experience in healing, including how he switched from a western medicine track to the field of Chinese medicine
  • We learn about the importance of managing negative emotions and the impact those emotions have on our physical health.
  • Dr. Josh describes how unresolved emotions lead to stress which affects our sleep, eating and general well being  
  • We explore the importance of acknowledging emotions as a first step to deeper healing
  • Understand how Dr. Josh unlocks issues with individuals by doing emotional releasing techniques that lead to better emotional and physical health 
  • Learn how Dr. Josh works with clients to increase self-awareness and how this allows access to deeper parts of ourselves  
  • Explore how the root of fear is insecurity and listen while Dr. Josh explains how each of us can start to shift our fears through techniques he uses with clients   
  • Dr. Josh describes how social change leaders can have more impact by acting out of love versus fear
  • Dr. Josh shares his thoughts on how we create the world around based on the vibration we put out and how that can get reflected back to us
  • We hear about Dr. Josh’s own daily wellness and self-care routines including a specific meditative practice he follows
  • Dr. Josh shares what you can do in 2 minutes to transform your day

In this episode we reference:

Website:  Dr. Josh Midwest Specialty Acupuncture

Facebook: click here

LinkedIn:  click here 



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