Thoughts from Minneapolis: How did we get here? Where will we go?

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

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In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and reactions in the Twin Cities and around the world, we wanted to invite Carl Young back to the podcast. Carl is a social change leader, a mental wellness professional who does a lot of community-based work and a black man living in Minneapolis. 

In this episode with Carl we talk about:

  • Carl’s experience growing up as a black man in the south contrasted with living in Minnesota for over several decades
  • The historical context of the relationship between black people with the Minneapolis police department and the U.S. police force in general
  • Why Carl believes the George Floyd incident was different than former police murders and why it ignited a global response?
  • What Carl thinks about the increase in white people joining in the antiracist movement 
  • Carl’s advice for our listeners who want to bring about positive social change.  What needs to be done on a personal, micro and macro level?

More about Carl Young:

Carl Young, MS, co-founder of ILC4Y,Increasing Life Chances 4 You 

Connect with Carl on Facebook and catch some of his live videos where he shares his thoughts and perspectives 

Carl Young, MS, is the founder of Increasing Life Chances 4 You.   Carl specializes in working with survivors of trauma, PTSD, substance abuse, neglect, mental/physical abuse, domestic abuse, those struggling with life transitions, anxiety and depression, and those needing just that little "push and guidance" to help them move forward toward accomplishing their personal and professional goals.  Carl is dedicated to addressing issues of diversity and equity in the mental health system and advocates for individuals who may need culturally competent life coaching and mental health support.  His passion is to improve individuals’ success professionally, personally, in school and at home; thereby increasing their life chances. 


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