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Wellness + Self Care Series: Part 5 - The Joy of Play

Apr 30, 2020

Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature.

Michael Faraday

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How often do you incorporate play into your life?  Getting into the mindset of play can help you to reduce stress, deepen your connection with others and be a better leader.  On today’s episode, you will hear about how to use our senses and incorporate more play into our lives. Our guests, Nicola Kapala and Katie...

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Wellness + Self Care Series: Part 4 - Writing as Self Care

Apr 23, 2020

Sometimes the truth depends on a walk around a lake.

- Wallace Stevens

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How often do you do creative writing in your life?   Have you ever tried to write as a way to relax and take care of yourself?  Today, our guest is Jory Mickelson, a writer, educator, and retreat facilitator living in Bellingham, Washington.  Jory helps us understand how writing and being in nature are important self-care practices. Jory is...

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Wellness + Self Care Series: Releasing Stress and Anxiety

Apr 16, 2020

“We change the world not by what we say or do, 

but as a consequence of what we have become.” 

- Dr David Hawkins

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On today’s episode we speak with Dr Josh Eha. Dr. Josh has close to 20 years experience helping patients free themselves from physical, mental, and emotional bondage through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Emotional Releasing techniques. Patients demonstrate time and time again the necessity and effectiveness of...

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Wellness + Self Care Series: Finding your body-mind-spirit connection

Apr 09, 2020

"You can't hate your body into a shape you will love." 

Ijeoma Oluo

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How do you find wellness in your life?  Are you trying to find alignment with your mind, body and spirit?  On today’s episode we offer a fresh perspective to this topic of wellness with our interview with Sarah Turino.  Sarah Turino is CEO of Whole Woman Wellness and creator The Whole Woman Wellness Formula. For nearly 17 years,...

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Wellness and Self Care Series Part 1: Incorporating Everyday Fitness

Apr 02, 2020

How we value and honor our own bodies impacts how we value and honor the bodies of others. 

Sonya Renee Taylor

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On today’s episode we speak with Vimbai Madzura. Vimbai holds a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Policy, Administration and Community Practice from Arizona State University and a Master of Arts in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin. In her current role, she is responsible...

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What Social Change Leaders Can Learn From COVID-19

Mar 26, 2020

Shared leadership ... is less like an orchestra where the conductor is always in charge, and more like a jazz band, we're leadership is passed around … depending on what the music demands at the moment and who feels moved by the spirit to express the music.

- Philip Schlechty

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We are absorbing a lot of news and information about COVID-19 on TV, in our social media feeds, from papers and magazines, in our...

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10 Strategies to Help You Keep Working and Living During COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020

Try this perspective shift. Instead of seeing “social distancing” and travel bans as panic, try seeing them as acts of mass cooperation intended to protect the collective whole. This plan is not about individuals going into hiding. It's a global deep breath...an agreement between humans around the planet to be still. Be still, in hopes that the biggest wave can pass without engulfing too many of the vulnerable among us. 

- Dr. Lindsay Jernigan

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Lifting As She Climbs in the Video Gaming Industry and Beyond

Mar 12, 2020

If Not You, Who?

Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world.

- Archimedes

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On today’s episode we speak with Jules Porter, Esq and MBA, and learn how and why she is leading the way toward a more diverse video gaming industry.  In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Jules’ diverse background and how her commitment to learning led her to careers in the military, engineering, the legal system as...
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Culture and White Body Supremacy

Mar 05, 2020

“One sick elephant doesn’t stop a circus; so figure it out.” 

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On today’s episode we speak with Resmaa Menakem, a healer, author, trauma specialist and podcaster.  Resmaa shares his thoughts and insights about racialization as pedagogy and white body supremacy.  In our conversation, we dive into:

  • Key concepts about the impacts of racism on black and brown bodies
  • The concept of white body...
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Moving the Money: Connecting Investors and Underestimated Entrepreneurs

Feb 27, 2020

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‘Level Up’ 


On today’s episode we speak with Elaine Rasmussen, Founder and CEO  of Social Impact Strategies Group, and Stephannie Lewis, their Director of Strategic Partnerships.  Social Impact Strategies Group (SISG) a Black/Native-led certified B-corp social enterprise. SISG provides facilitation and consultation on racial equity and social impact audits, education workshops for...

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